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Monday, August 1, 2011

Wet Potholes

On Friday we had a really awesome surprise.  We were supposed to eat dinner with the verdin family, however they live about 40 miles away from us, and it was the end of the month and we only had 50 miles left to last us to the end of the month, and we still had two 25 mile trips out to magnolia.  So we figured that we were just going to have to bike it out to magnolia a couple of times.  But about an hour before we were supposed to go, a member called us up and said that he was headed over to the members house, and asked if he could pick us up and bring us there!  That was one of those tender mercies of the lord.

I was a week that makes for some pretty good stories.  Here in wallace there are a lot of interesting people that you meet, and this week was no exception to that.  On Saturday we were in magnolia riding our bikes and there was a guy that called out to us, so we stopped by to see who it was.  It was an older guy with his wife (We were out in th boonies/fields) and the have a little piece of property and it looks like they just live out in the woods with their truck.  But we started to try and talk to him, but we soon found out that he wasn't all the way there,  first of all because we could smell beer on his breath.  But I've talked to many drunk people on my mission and there had to have been something more going on with him than just being drunk, I think all the drugs that he had done in his life had pretty much fried his brain.  So he started talking to elder lake and said to him " hey man have you ever been hungry man?"  and elder lake said "yea".  Then this guy started going of on him saying, "then man if you've been hungry man how do you spell hungry man, man tell me how to spell hungry man!"  (he went on like that for about a minute, then elder lake said H-U-N-G-R-Y.  Then they guy said " ok man well if you've ever been hungry man than you've probably been angry before man.  Because when you're hungry you're angry man because you're not happy man...(and once again he went on for another minute or two on that)."  At that point elder lake just about couldn't hold it and and started laughing, but finally he spelled angry and we gave the guy a card and rode off.

It was pretty exciting on Saturday also, in the evening we went to a trailer park to teach a lesson,  and in this trailer park, the roads are horriblisimos.  They aren't just a little bumpy, some of the bumps literally drop down 3-4 feet.  So when it rained some huge puddles were made.  So it was the end of the night, and we had already been soaked and we got to a puddle that covered the entire road, so there was no escaping it.  So elder lake, who was in front of me, stopped, turned around, got some space to get some speed, and hit the puddle head on in the biggest/deepest part of the puddle.  I'm going to attatch a pix that we took at the end of the night.

This week has kind of been a struggle to teach our investigators.  We always have a lot of appointments set up every day, but not a lot of them go through.  So there's not anything too exciting happening with any of our investigators.

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