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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update from Jeff

We received a new note from Jeff at the MTC. Sounds like he is doing really good. He even said we should slow down on the goodies a little bit. That's an unusual statement for Jeff who is usually grazing for anything he can find to eat! Following are some comments from his last letter.

The MtC has been great for me. Me and my companion have been getting along really well, and in fact we both are doing fairly well in spanish and so we can both push each other and improve each other in spanish. For the last several nights we've been talking in only spanish to each other from about 8 30 to 9 30. We've started to have "english fasts" as a district during lunch which means we can't speak english during lunch. We've only done that about twice now though.

On friday we went to the TRC (training resource center) Where we were given the scenario that we were in a park and had to talk to three people for about five minutes in spanish. We needed to introduce ourselves, get to know them, tell them our purpose, and invite them to hear more. The last person we talked to we actually got to teach a thirty minute lesson. This went quite well, and the spanish seemed to flow really well (I can deffinatly tell that heavenly father is helping me with spanish), and the lesson seemed to go real well too, I felt like we had the spirit throughout the whole lesson. Also because me and elder Taylor get a long so well we seem to be able to teach together quite well.

Sacrament meeting is going well, the opening excercises are all in spanish. But the two speakers are in english. However, we are assigned a topic each weak that we prepare a talk on in spanish and two people are called on at the meeting to give their talk for sacrament meeting for about four minutes in spanish. I havn't had to give a talk yet, bu so far I've written everything out on paper in spanish before hand and used plenty of scriptures/quotes.
Until next time.

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