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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interesting Story from the TRC

My daughter just reminded me that we haven't posted anything for the past week. Time is really flying past. Jeff says that they are kind of settling into a routine at the MTC and so there hasn't been much new that has been happening. He thanked everyone for the cookies and other treats that he has been receiving. He talks a lot about the Training Resource Center or TRC and how it is kind of the thing they look forward to each week. He shared the following including kind of a funny story.

Last friday at the TRC we had to knock on the door and talk to someone for about 10 min. in spanish. We introduced ourselves, talked about their family for a little bit and then introduced her to the gospel. We made the mistake of introducing Joseph Smith at the very beginning and almost got the door closed on us (this suprised me cause it was just a role play...she was supposed to be agreable.) This person had seen a show about joseph smith and was skepticle. We quickly brought the conversation back to families and how they are important to the gospel and she then let us in and we discussed the gospel with her for a few mor minutes. After this first part which was in spanish we left and came back to teach the lesson in english, wich me and elder taylor both thought went really well. We felt like the lesson flowed well, we were able to transition between each other quite well, and most of all the spirit felt so strong as we taught the lesson.

Here's a quick funny story. Two of the elders in our zone told their investigator at the trc to read a scripture in 1 ne 3:7 but instead they read 3 ne 3:7-8. Look it up and you'll see why it's funny. (Note: You have to read it in context to understand what is really going on)

Also for dad, and anyone else of course. One thing I noticed that would be helpful for incoming missionaries is to know the purpose found in the beginning of preach my gospel. This is something that they drill us on at the MTC, both memorizing it and knowing what is meant by it.

Yesterday me and elder taylor taught the first lesson completly in spanish for about 20-25 min. This was our first time doing this and we don't even have to be able to do it for another 2 or 3 weeks but we decided to give it a try. It wen't pretty good, we didn't always know how to say exactly what we wanted, but we could usualy descibe it in a different way.

Fast and testimony meeting was really cool this sunday. Since it was all in spanish we didn't get all those really long and kinda pointless testimonies that you sometimes hear, but instead they were short and two the point. I could feel the spirit during that meeting more than any fast and testimony meeting I had ever gone to.

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