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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jeff Orders His Mission Bike

With less than a week before he enters the MTC, Jeff finally ordered his bike. He looked into a couple of options but ultimately decided to order his bike online with CTR Bikes. The advantage with CTR was that they ship the bike directly to the mission home and also offer a Guaranteed Bike Replacement Program for stolen and accident "totaled" bikes. Hopefully he never has to use the replacement program, especially the "totaled" part. CTR also carries several name brands including Specialized, Trek, Raleigh, Gary Fisher. Being an avid mountain biker, Jeff was a little choosy on his choice of mission wheels and this was not a quick decision for him. He definitely wanted disc brakes and one that had some better components. This made CTR a little difficult because they only offer a couple of models with disc brakes. Jeff finally settled on a Trek 4500. Anyway, above is a picture of the bike. I think it is going to be a little hard for him to wait two or more months to ride it!

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