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Friday, January 29, 2010

First E-Mails from Elder Compton

Jeff has been in the MTC for a little over a week now. On Wednesday, January 27, we received our first e-mail from Jeff. He let us know that his p-day is Wednesday and that he can only look at e-mail and letters on his p-day. Following are a few excerpts from his e-mail.
My companion is Elder Taylor, he is from Kaysville, Ut. Elder Taylor also just got called as the district leader. He enjoys playing soccer and used to play on his highschool soccer team.

I've seen a couple people from Salem/SF. I've seen Skyler hardman, Nathan Davidson, Skyler Hancock, and Tanner & Tyler Roller. There have been several other people I've seen here but I didn't ever know too well.

We spent a lot of time learning how to get to know the investigators. This was something that I had never learned out of all the mission prep classes I went to. But they really emphasize that we should talk to the investigators to get to know them and to also try to understand how they are doing spiritually before you even start teaching them.

As far as the language goes, it's going quite well. We've learned how to pray, bear our testimony, and introduce ourselves in spanish. In fact I havn't said an english prayer since thurs. morning. However it's quite interesting. we only spend about 2-3 hours (more or less) working on language study a day, but even still it seems like I've learned a lot. They did, bytheway give us a set of spanish scriptures.

Thanks for sending the cookies, they tasted great!
He also sent his brothers short hand written letters that arrived on Thursday.

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