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Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Chased by Dogs -- Not So Bad Anymore

This week we had a zone conference on thursday.  We talked a lot about helping our investigators make and keep committments and what role that takes in their conversion. It was a pretty good zone conference, and I learned a lot.  I don't know if you've read chapter eleven of preach my gospel, which talks about committments, but it's a really good chapter and has a lot of really good information in it.
This last week we got to eat at the Martinez family (the branch presidents house.)  The food was really good, we ate tostados.  and then afterwords we went with them to visit bryan.
This week we did a lot of biking, and contacting.  and about the whole being chased by dogs thing.  The dogs don't really bother me anymore.  I still get chased by atleast one dog everyday, but I've found that they just chase you and that's it.  So it doesn't really get me scared anymore...I guess you could say that I've gotten used to it. But it is kind of funny, we've found that if you slam on your back brake, they tend to back of a little bit.
We taught the family again this week.  We taught them about tithing.  They were a little hesitant about paying tithing though.  The told us about how they've seen pastors before with their nice house and car, and so their a little bit hesitant to pay tithing, because they don't know where it's going.  So we invited them to pray and think about it and we'll see what they think about it after that.  So let's hope that they can gain a testimony of Tithing. 

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