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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bike Crash! Jeff Is Okay

NOTE:  See the picture from the training at the end of this post.

How are things going for you all this week?  sounds like the trip to colorado was a lot of fun and salem days sounds like fun (as normal).

We had a three day training this week during tues-thurs from about 9 am - 4 pm every day.  Their changing what they teach at the MTC starting next may, and so they are beginning training us out in the field right now so that we can be ready for the new missionaries that will start coming in around may.  It's still using preach my gospel, it's just focused more on teaching by the spirit more, and "teaching people, not lessons".  We learned a lot about how to introduce and start a lesson, and then how to ask questions to find out what needs people have.  It was all really good what we learned and I think it will really help to make me a better missionary if I can apply what we've learned, it's just a lot harder said than done, but I guess I'll just stick with it and give it some time.  We were pretty much told that at first when we begin to try and teach in this way we will "crash and burn" which indeed has happened, but we just need to stick with it, because it is far better then the way we were teaching before.

This last week we taught [two investigators] a couple of times.  We're trying to encourage them to read in the book of mormon and to pray about it.  [She] has been doing this and is progressing quite well, however [he] seems to be apposed to the book of mormon and we just cant seem to get him to read it.  He'll read all the footnotes from the book of mormon in the bible, but he won't actually read the book of mormon.  So we need to talk to him and try and figure out why he doesn't want to read.  We would really like to move on with them, because [hse] is progressing, but it's kind of hard when [he] isn't.  

So I had a pretty awesome crash on my bike this week.  It was a pretty cool crash, however I'm still puzzled about how it happened.  I was just riding out of the parking lot from our apartment and I saw a car in front of me, so I decided to begin slowing down.  I grabbed the front break, which isn't abnormal, but I guess I just wasn't ready for it, but next thing I knew I was flying over the handle bars.  So somehow (I'm not sure how I actually landed because it all happened so quick) but I tucked and rolled and ended up on my back as my bike gently landed on top of me.  My companion told me that as I was upside down, because he was behind me, so I had to be upside down for him to see that my eyes were as "wide as saucers" as he told me.  However, don't worry mom, I stood right up and didn't get hurt at all.  but nonetheless, I'm still confused about how it all happened.

So last week I told you that we were going to learn how to make papusa for our pday activity.  It was a lot of fun, and they taste really good.  However, Sis hernandez, who taught us how to make them made it look a lot easier then it actually is.  She could make about three in the time it took us to make one, and they looked a whole lot better than ours.  It took some pix from that, and I'll probably be making a cd from a bunch of the pix that I have, but you'll probably have to wait about a week and a half, because I'll have to drop it off today and pick it up next week.

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